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The last mining facility on the planet is in your hands. Protect it at all costs. Blast those enemies and rack up points while you defend the last hope of humanity. Or something like that.

An arcade game inspired by Defender.


Arrows: Move. Also hold down to enter a bike, standing on one. Z: Jetpack / Exit bike X: Shoot / Shoot / Shoot some more


You have been provided with a hover bike near your LZ, if you lose it, enemy bikes should still do a decent job.

Small enemies are always sign of bigger trouble coming your way. Don't let them get too close to your base.

Lava kills you.

Sound: Carlos Viola Art: Shaka (Petru Neacsu) Code: Maikel Ortega

This game was made for the GameJolt "Indies vs Gamers" Jam in 2015


OYoroiBuild.rar 13 MB


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My short gameplay ;)