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Explore planet Zeh-baas with clunky 1-key controls, bouncing around rocks (sheep-fu at its finest) and getting stuck to velcro moss in the jungles of Bleatstar. Kill some Velcroids on your way. And have fun. You're a spacesheep, damn it.

A GameBoy game made for the #bitbitjam4.

Sourcecode link available on downloads.

How to play

  • Quick press A to change direction.
  • Hold A to Boost and move the Spacesheep.
  • (After Unlocking the Plasma Baaster): Press A to shoot a energy ball backwards.

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Developed by Maikel Ortega in 7 days (30/6/2017 - 07/07/2017) for the #bitbitjam4. -Theme: "velcro sheep" -Restriction: "one-key controls".

Thanks to Zal0 and sergeeo for helping out in dire moments of rage.

Install instructions

Needs a gameboy emulator. BGB recommended.


velcroid-bitbitjam4version.gb 64 kB
velcrosheep.rar 141 kB

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